Hollywood Unites Against Content Theft Via New Coalition

Creative America, a grassroots initiative to unite the entertainment community in the fight against content theft, has launched today with the backing of major unions, guilds, studios and networks. Its primary goal will be to act as a gathering place (a “unified voice,” according to the group’s press release) where members can learn more about the impact of content theft on their jobs and the future of the industry, and to push for passage of anti-piracy legislation like the PROTECT IP Act, a Senate bill that is supported by content groups but criticized by individuals and businesses like Google who say it limits freedoms online. AFTRA, CBS Corp, the DGA, IATSE, NBCUniversal, SAG, Sony, Fox, Viacom, Disney and Warner Bros have signed on to the initiative. “The goal of Creative America is to bring together people of diverse skills, talents, interests and backgrounds who care about protecting jobs and creativity in this country,” said director Jonathan Mostow. “When the movies and TV shows that we create and finance are stolen, there is a ripple effect throughout our business. As revenue is lost, inevitably less money is available for new production. That translates to thousands of people losing their livelihoods and their opportunity to create. Passing the PROTECT IP Act or other similar legislation is an important step in stemming the tide of digital theft.”

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