Oprah Only Hollywood Star At Camp Allen

Hollywood arrived at the annual Allen & Co investment conference in Sun Valley today — but I don’t know why. It’ll be a showbiz snorefest. Because only “A Conversation With Oprah Winfrey” is scheduled and no one is interested unless she comes clean about how much money she’s caused Discovery’s David Zaslav to piss away. That’s a departure from last year when showbiz came back into favor at Camp Allen because of an “Entertainment Panel” consisting of Barry Diller, Peter Chernin, Jeff Katzenberg, and Bobby Kotick (the CEO/president of Activision Blizzard). The YouTube/Twitter types will participate in “The New Breed” panel. And Bill Gates interviews Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. Otherwise, there’s an emphasis on overseas: “Building A Business In China” confab, “Mexico Today”, “The Middle East”, a sit-down with Jordan’s King Abdullah II (who just endorsed a Cabinet reshuffle on Saturday in the wake of scandals and resignations), a confab about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and a how-to panel on “Managing Global Enterprises in Turbulent Times”. Also speaking will be Brigadier General Loree Sutton (the highest ranking psychiatrist in the US army), New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and panelists for “Managing Hyper-Growth Companies”. Gone are the Friday night dildos. Or the sandwich boards for out-of-work moguls. Gawd, Camp Allen isn’t worth covering anymore.

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