Hot Trailer: 'The Three Musketeers'

UPDATE: Summit has just announced that it is shifting the premiere date for The Three Musketeers back a week to Oct. 21.
PREVIOUS: Summit Entertainment has released a new trailer for the Paul W.S. Anderson-directed The Three Musketeers. Pic opens Oct. 14. I went to the Transformers: Dark of the Moon premiere last night, and say what you will about the plot, Michael Bay was painstaking in his deployment of 3D in those non-stop action scenes. Some shots, he said, took a year of work before they passed his sniff test, he told me. The 3D was more effective than Green Lantern, I thought. With audiences turning up noses on films that are 3D simply because they allow distributors to charge higher ticket prices, will a period swashbuckling swordfighting tale be worth an extra couple of bucks to audiences as the 3D backlash continues? I’m not so sure. Here’s the trailer:

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