Interim MPAA Head Bob Pisano Exiting September 30

Bob Pisano, the interim head of the Motion Picture Association of America who among other things waged a successful lobbying effort against two proponents of futures trading which amounted to betting on box office results, has announced his departure. Here is the announcement:

LOS ANGELES – Bob Pisano today announced that he is stepping down as President and Chief Operating Officer of the Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. (MPAA), effective September 30. Pisano has held the position since 2005, and served as interim CEO from January 2010 through March 2011, when Senator Chris Dodd was named CEO and Chairman.

Commenting on Pisano’s decision, Senator Dodd said, “During his tenure at the MPAA, Bob has been a strong leader of the organization and a powerful voice for the motion picture industry. He has helped guide the MPAA’s worldwide operations at a time of extraordinary technological change and in the face of growing threats to our members’ intellectual property that has been enabled by that change.

“Bob’s extensive ties to the entertainment community, both as a leading studio executive and as the leader of Hollywood’s largest labor union, have helped him forge new industry partnerships and have raised the profile of the MPAA’s programs both in the United States and abroad.” (more…)

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