Judge Rules No Circus Trial For Charlie Sheen

LA Superior Court Judge Alan Goodman just issued a ruling in both Charlie Sheen vs. Warner Bros TV and Sheen vs. Two And A Half Men co-creator Chuck Lorre lawsuits: they will have to be settled in arbitration and won’t go to trial. The studio had argued that Sheen’s $100 million lawsuit over his firing from the hit CBS/WBTV comedy had to be handled through arbitration per the actor’s contract, and that Lorre’s own arbitration clause requires that part of the litigation to also go though a mediator. Sheen’s attorney Marty Singer had been demanding a public trial. “We’re very gratified by the court’s ruling enforcing the parties’ arbitration agreement,” WBTV said in a statement after the ruling. There’s no doubt the lawsuit would have been a circus since there already was a ruling to let a video camera team film in the Santa Monica Superior Courtroom. Team Sheen and the media wanted it, Team WB/Lorre didn’t. Charlie won that round. So now JAMS-appointed arbitrator Richard Neal will oversee the dispute. He can technically send the case back to Judge Goodman if he deems the arbitration clause unenforceable, but that is considered highly unlikely.

This article was printed from https://deadline.com/2011/06/no-trial-for-charlie-sheen-140184/