Fox News Channel To Preempt Glenn Beck's Live Show On Friday For Taped Special

With Glenn Beck’s shows on Fox News Channel numbered, he will get one fewer as the cable news network has decided to preempt his Glenn Beck this Friday. The live show will be replaced by a taped special about political scandals hosted by Fox News primetime anchor Greta Van Susteren. The move comes on the day Beck announced the September relaunch of his show on the Web as part of live streaming video network GBTV which will charge viewers monthly subscription as well as seek advertisers. The announcement was supported by a big story in New York Times and a massive ad buy on Drudge Report. Asked about the timing of Glenn Beck‘s preemption, Fox News spokeswoman denied any correlation but said, “At least we will be able to sell the special,” a reference to the mass exodus of advertisers from Beck’s show over his controversial remarks. year-to-date, Glenn Beck is down 33% in 25-54 year-to-year and 24% in total viewers, most of any other news program. Beck, whose last show on Fox News  airs June 30, still wins the 5 PM hour.


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