Ron Meyer Not In Negotiations To Re-Up At Universal Studios — Yet

First,’s Claude Brodesser-Akner inaccurately reported last November that 66-year-old Ron Meyer was about to get fired by the new Comcast owners. Now the Los Angeles Times‘ Ben Fritz inaccurately reported today that Ron Meyer is in negotiations to get hired again. Jeez, can’t you people get this right? Here’s what’s true: there is no bargaining underway, no contract extension on the table, no sticking points, no nothing. Just an “indication” from the Comcast overlords to Ron Meyer that they’d like him to stay. Does he want to stick around? Of course. (The perks alone make the job of mogul worth the headaches…) Will he stick around? Without doubt. But Fritz’s story isn’t correct as to where things stand today. “It’s too early. The LA Times is honestly getting ahead of themselves. Everyone’s afraid to get beat by you,” an insider tells me. (Yikes, so now their mistake is my fault? On what planet?)

Meyer’s current contract continues through December 2012 and he’s been running Universal Studios for 16 years in charge of motion pictures, parks and resorts, and studio operations. Since he arrived in 1995, he’s made it through 4 changes of ownership (Seagram’s, Vivendi, General Electric, and now Comcast) and 9 different bosses (Edgar Bronfman Jr, Frank Biondi, Jean-Marie Messier, Pierre Lescure, Barry Diller, Jean-Rene Fourtou, Bob Wright, Jeff Zucker, and now Steve Burke). And each and every time, Hollywood collectively would turn to him with the same worried expression and say “How are you?” And each and every time, Meyer would reply, “I’m still here.” Once, entertainment super-lawyer Bruce Ramer asked Ron to speak to an industry luncheon: of course, on the topic of surviving. It’s not only a miracle — a word Meyer himself uses from time to time — it’s certainly a footnote in the history books of showbiz. “Fear of failure has taken me a long way,” Meyer once told me on the record. (more…)

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