Tina Fey Does Sarah Palin Again On 'SNL' Which In Turn Had Bin Laden Everywhere

Tina Fey returned as host of Saturday Night Live tonight and brought back her trademark impersonation of Sarah Palin in a Republican 2012 Undeclared Candidates Debate skit. (Fox News, where Palin works as a contributor, carried the first GOP presidential candidates debate this past week.) “It’s just so great to be back on Fox News, a network that both pays me and shows me the questions ahead of time,” Fey’s Palin said. “I just hope tonight that the lamestream media won’t twist my words by repeating them verbatim.” And another zinger: “I want to acknowledge that this week we finally vanquished one of the world’s great villains —  and I for one am thrilled to say good riddance to Katie Couric.” Is it just me, or does Fey, former SNL head writer, always elevate the writing on the show when she hosts? Also returning for the skit was alum Darrell Hammond, dusting off his spot-on Donald Trump impersonation:

As for Osama bin Laden, he was everywhere, including an “Under the Sea” tableau interrupted when bin Laden’s body is dropped into the sea. Fred Armisen read a last will as bin Laden. But Seth Meyers got off the most memorable line of the night during Weekend Update: “Barack Obama will go down in history as the first black person ever to have to prove that he killed someone”:

Meanwhile, the mash-up of Andy Samberg’s rap group with Michael Bolton in Pirates of the Caribbean and other movies rocked:


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