MPAA Chief Chris Dodd's First Big DC Event

WASHINGTON DC: New MPAA chief Chris Dodd will deliver his first speech about Hollywood issues to a non-industry audience next week. He did tell me, though, that he’s preparing to enlist the government’s help in fighting piracy overseas. [Nikki UPDATES: Fat chance, since Dodd is a longtime Democrat, and the Republicans have already taken over the House of Representatives and are now targeting the Senate, too. The GOP and showbiz are barely on speaking terms. But of all the out-of-work Congressional blowhards which the MPAA could have hired, I don’t understand why it chose an ethically challenged one in the person of Chris Dodd, whose efficacy and integrity is now at such a low point that every sitting Congressional member would and should be justified in shunning him.]

That said, the MPAA threw a kind of coming-out party for its new topper Friday night. Saturday Night Live’s Seth Meyers provided the only star power at the cocktail reception in the MPAA’s Washington headquarters, and he didn’t even perform since he’ll do standup in front of 2,600 VIPs Saturday night at the annual White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner. It was Dodd’s pal, SNL creator Lorne Michaels, who persuaded Meyers to mix and mingle with the MPAA before the weekend’s main event. Dodd also didn’t address the group. Instead, the retired U.S, who juggled hors d’oeuvres from Top Chef All Stars runner-up Mike Isabella while listening to a pianist play lounge-bar renditions of The Lady Is A Tramp and Beauty And The Beast. Still, here’s a thought for Dodd: If he wants his next MPAA event to appear remotely relevant, don’t include DVDs of such newsosaur films as All The President’s Men, Broadcast News and State Of Play instead of The Social Network in the swag bag.

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