Jackson-Medavoy Entertainment Splits Up

By Nellie Andreeva, Mike Fleming Jr

UPDATE 4 PM: Jackson also confirmed he had left the partnership he and Medavoy formed in 2009. Before that, Jackson had his own company, Trademark Talent. “I’m excited to grow my company in a new direction and wish the best for my former partner,” he said.

UPDATE 2:11 PM: Brian Medavoy confirms that he and Devon Jackson are indeed splitting up after  more than a year together. Medavoy said it was an amicable split. “We had different styles and different goals, but he’s still here, the clients will go where they’ll go. Sometimes you partner with someone because you’re so different and it helps, and sometimes it hinders. There was no special reason and Devon and I are fine.” Medavoy has been back in the management/production business for 2.5 years. “My eyes and ears are open for partners,” he said. “I’ve been asked, why do you need a partner, and the answer is, it’s just more fun to share the wins and losses and information.”

EARLIER, 1:08 PM: Devon Jackson has split from Brian Medavoy of Jackson-Medavoy Entertainment. Details to come.

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