Chris Colfer Sells Pilot To Disney Channel

EXCLUSIVE: Chris Colfer is one of the best tune-ins for Fox’s Glee and is sure to be considered for an Emmy. But he’s multi-talented: Not only has he scripting an indie movie shooting this summer, but I’ve learned he has penned a pilot that the Disney Channel is about to shoot. It’s called The Little Leftover Witch, based on a children’s book of the same name by Florence Laughlin. The series would be about a little witch who was taken in by a family after crash-landing from her broom. The book was originally optioned by Rick Fine, the husband of Colfer’s Coast To Coast agent Meredith Fine, who brought the property to Chris to adapt. This is one busy guy even though he only turns 21 this May. After wrapping production on Glee this spring, Colfer joins the cast on tour and then returns to star in the indie feature Struck By Lightning, which he also wrote and which Brian Dannelly (Saved) is set to direct. He will then return for the third season of Glee this fall. Colfer is also repped by Inphenate and attorney Derek Kroeger.

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