Struggling To Sell Pilot Script? New ‘Table Read’ Podcast Offers Fresh Hope

Table Read
Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images

EXCLUSIVE: Hollywood is littered with great scripts that never made it to the screen.

But a new podcast is offering writers a fresh chance for their story to be discovered. Table Read will give listeners the chance to discover  never-before-heard scripts from industry players and award-winning talent.

Each episode features actors, comedians, musicians and influencers performing scripts from established writers and producers including The Vampire Diaries writer Sonny Postiglione, Bobby Smith Jr., writer of Jada Pinkett Smith-fronted film Jason’s Lyric, Peter Lefcourt, who wrote on Desperate Housewives and Pearse Lehane, who wrote on HBO’s Spanish drama series The Head.

The scripts, previously accessible only to studio heads and top agents, are brought to life each week by these showrunners, engineers and directors.

Table Read comes from exec producers Jack Levy, who produced iHeartMedia’s Kelsey Grammer-voiced series The Lower Bottoms, former MTV exec Mark Knell and Shaan Sharma, who stars in Christian drama series The Chosen.

It is produced by Levy and Knell’s Manifest Media Productions and is the first project on its slate. Scripts are sourced from writers and showrunners as well as Coverfly.

The series will premiere on March 14.

It’s an interesting move and the latest audio series to take advantage of much of the work in Hollywood that never gets seen. Other podcasts that cover this include Dead Pilots Society, from Andrew Reich and Ben Blacker.

Table Read combines the finest of the broadway dress rehearsal, on-lot access and behind the scenes fly-on-the-wall experience,” said Levy. “Our audience is invited as our special guest on set for an intimate audio experience unparalleled in storytelling.”

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