Stevie Nicks Remembers Christine McVie As Her Best Friend “Since The First Day Of 1975”

Christine McVie
Christine McVie, Stevie Nicks (2018) Getty Images

Stevie Nicks is remembering her late Fleetwood Mac bandmate Christine McVie as her “best friend in her whole world since the first day of 1975.”

“I didn’t even know she was ill until late Saturday night,” Nicks writes on Instagram (read it below). “I wanted to be in London, I wanted to get to London, but we were told to wait.” McVie died Wednesday at 79.

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Nicks writes that since hearing that McVie was ill over the weekend, she has had one song “swirling” in her head – the Haim sisters’ “Hallelujah.”

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“I thought I might possibly get to sing it to her,” Nicks writes in the handwritten post, “and so I’m singing it to her now.” Nicks then goes on to quote the lyrics of the song, beginning with the line, “I had a best friend but she has come to pass/One I wish I could see now.”

Nicks ends her post with, “See you on the other side, my love. Don’t forget me – Always, Stevie.”

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