Joe Biden To Visit Texas This Weekend To “Grieve With The Community” Shattered By Mass School Shooting Of 19 Children & Two Adults – Update


UPDATE, 12:55 PM: As America and the world mourn this week’s school shooting massacre in Uvalde, Texas, the President and First Lady will spend some of this Memorial Day weekend in the Lone Star state’s small town.

A day after Joe Biden said he would travel to Texas in “the coming days,” the White House Thursday revealed the Commander-in-chief and Dr. Jill Biden will go to Uvalde on Sunday.

“On Sunday, May 29, the President and the First Lady will travel to Uvalde, Texas to grieve with the community that lost twenty-one lives in the horrific elementary school shooting,” the administration announced. “This trip will be pooled press. Additional details to follow.”

The site of the senseless killing of 19 fourth graders and two adults on May 24 by a rifle welding maniac with dozens and dozens of rounds of ammunition is the second mass shooting President Biden and the First Lady will have visited in less than two weeks. Speaking volumes about the gun and violence drenched nation, the First Couple were in Buffalo on May 17 after a firearm packing white nationalist murdered 10 people at a Tops Friendly Market in a African-American neighborhood in the New York state city.

Politicians on both sides have offered all the usual platitudes of broken hearts and prayers, but little true action is expected on the national or state level to curb gun violence in America. As DC dithers, the much feared NRA is holding its convention in Houston tomorrow with Republicans like Texas’ Governor, Sen Ted Cruz and Donald Trump all set to speak.

PREVIOUSLY, MAY 25 PM: For the second time in less than two weeks, President Joe Biden will personally go to the site of a fatal mass shooting in America.

“Jill and I will be traveling to Texas in the coming days to meet with the families and let them know we have a sense of their pain, and hopefully bring some little comfort to a community in shock, in grief and in trauma,” a clearly anguished commander-in-chief told a gathering at the White House today.

Texas School Shooting: Deadline’s Coverage

“I think we all must be for them, everyone,” Biden added.

On Tuesday, an 18-year-old gunman entered Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, west of San Antonio, and killed 19 fourth-grade students, a teacher and another adult. The nation’s 212th mass shooting this year, the Lone Star State tragedy also saw 17 other individuals injured.

The killings come after an 18-year old white nationalist murdered 10 people at a Tops Friendly Market in a African-American neighborhood in Buffalo, NY. The president and the first lady traveled to the Empire State site to pay their respects and privately meet with mourning families on May 17.

Speaking on the tarmac before boarding Air Force One to return to D.C., Biden lamented the failed efforts after mass shooting after mass shooting to rein in the violence and proliferation of guns in America. POTUS said that reform was “going to be very difficult, but I’m not going to give up trying.”

The May 24 massacre in almost-border town of Uvalde is the worst school shooting in the gun-plagued nation in almost a decade. On December 14, 2012, a rifle-bearing 20-year-old killed 20 children and six teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.

Similar to the Uvalde killer, the Newtown shooter shot an older female family member before going on his rampage. Sadly, similar to the firearm brutality of 2012, the 30th K-12 shooting of 2022 will see any attempts at reform strangled by partisan politics and the much-feared NRA.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, GOP Sen. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are scheduled to speak at the NRA convention in Houston on Friday.

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