TV Talk Podcast: The Best Talk/Variety Series Of 2022 & Emmy Potential

By Pete Hammond, Dominic Patten

TV Talk Podcast

Deadline TV critic Dominic Patten and Awards Columnist Pete Hammond take on the status of a major staple of broadcast tv, talk shows, and their status as this year’s Emmy race gears up. It is all in our latest edition of the Deadline Podcast series, TV Talk. We argue that maybe it is time for some new blood in the winners circle.

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Although this category has been all over the map in terms of where it shows up in Emmy races, tied to variety and then not, in recent years it has tended to be one where voters, lazy or not, just check off the same old winner years and years in a row. Last Week Tonight With John Oliver has won this six years in a row, and before that The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  took it an astounding 14 times, losing only in 2013 to The Colbert Report. Both Oliver and Stephen Colbert were weaned on Stewart’s staff, so there has been an almost complete dominance here since the turn of the century.

Today, Patten argues the string can be broken this year by – wait for it – Jon Stewart and his new Apple + show. But is there no chance for the broadcast networks to reemerge a winner with a format they created? ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel,  CBS’ Colbert and James Corden, NBC’s Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show and Late Night With Seth Meyers are consistent bridesmaids in this era, so can anyone break the logjam.

Is is actually fair to put Oliver’s once-a-week show against those guys doing this nightly? Does the Academy have to rethink the category yet again?

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