‘Snowfall’: Franklin Saint Declares War On Everybody In Season 5 Finale

SNOWFALL “Fault Lines” — Season 5, Episode 10 (airs Wednesday, April 20th) — Pictured: Damson Idris as Franklin Saint. Ray Mickshaw/FX

SPOILER ALERT: The following story reveals important plot points from the Season 4 finale of FX’s Snowfall.

The walls came crumbling down in the Season 5 finale of FX’s Snowfall, setting up an epic sixth and final season.

Carter Hudson as Teddy McDonald, Matthew Alan as Havemeyer. Ray Mickshaw/FX

Amid the chaos that bubbled across 10 episodes, Franklin Saint (Damson Idris) is finally declaring war against anyone that’s not with him.

The episode kicks off as Franklin is desperately trying to find ways to start fresh after a barrage of chaos and confusion. But it’s not going to be easy.

His uncle Jerome (Amin Joseph) and his newly minted bride Louie (Angela Lewis) have made a deal directly with Teddy (Carter Hudson) and cut Franklin out completely.

Upset and feeling betrayed, Franklin meets with Teddy and tells him he’s out. No, he didn’t think his actions through and it’s too late when Franklin discovers his nest egg, which totals $73 million, has vanished—poof. Who could have done this other than Teddy?

Teddy, of course, denies he was behind it but later confesses to Havemeyer (Matthew Alan) that he snatched the cash after all. Teddy doesn’t need to confirm the news to Franklin, however, but with a baby on the way and no supplier, Franklin is desperate and making threats putting him and his family at great risk.

Damson Idris as Franklin Saint. Ray Mickshaw/FX

He reaches out to El Oso (Sergio Peris-Mencheta) for a lifeline but the latter is too afraid of the repercussions. Telling Franklin where Teddy is would be far too dangerous for the bear, who is currently in the midst of planning his own exit.

Meanwhile, in another part of town, Avi (Alon Abutbul) has been captured by Rubén (Alejandro Edda) and things are looking bad. It’s not worth sugar coating what exactly goes down: Rubén kills Avi. But not before Avi tells Rubén that Teddy was cut loose by the CIA and is now working just as a contractor.

El Oso collected some stashed cash to get the hell out of dodge with Xiamara (Joey Marie Urbina) and her nephews but he was taken into custody by the DEA. She waits anxiously until submitting to the fact that something bad has gone down.

Franklin has a private meetup with Louie, who he demands help him get things back to how they used to be. Yes, demands with a gun pointed at her. He thinks he’s got the upper hand until Buckley (Brandon Jay McLaren) surprises Franklin with a gun to his head.

She lets her nephew live but promises to kill him if she ever sees him again.

Christine Horn as Black Diamond, Damson Idris as Franklin Saint, Taylor Polidore as Dallas. Ray Mickshaw/FX

At this point, Franklin is left with few options. With Black Diamond (Christine Horn) and Dallas (Taylor Polidore) locked and loaded by his side, Franklin robs Jerome and Louie’s club to the theme of “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins.

It is also revealed Franklin went to visit Kane (DeVaughn Nixon), who is under serious care at the hospital after he was shot by Buckley under the orders of Louie. Franklin whispers in Kane’s ear that Louie was behind his demise, setting off a chain of events sure to pick up next season.

By episode’s end, Franklin’s mom Cissy (Michael Hyatt) confronts him regarding the heist at her brother’s club. He needn’t say a word, she knows he was behind it and she wants to know his plans to fix it.

Michael Hyatt as Sissy Saint, Damson Idris as Franklin Saint. Ray Mickshaw/FX.

He’s angry and knows only brutality and bloodshed lie ahead. He gives her a way out of his latest and biggest mess and thanks her for doing her best to raise him—but she surprises him.

She offers to help him get Teddy once and for all through her KGB friend she made in Cuba, Rubén, to “fight fire with fire.”

“We’re gonna have to burn this whole mother f***er to the ground, momma,” Franklin says in the final beats of the episode.

She replies, “Then let’s go.”

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