Imax Developing New Fleet Of Next Generation Cameras


Imax has started development on a new fleet of Imax cameras in cooperation with Kodak, Panavision, and FotoKem.

At least four new, state-of-the-art film cameras over the next two years will roll out and grow the Imax camera series by 50%, with the first becoming available to use by late 2023.

Imax is teaming with leading filmmakers, including Jordan Peele and Christopher Nolan, and DPs to identify new specs and features for the prototype development phase. The next release filmed with the current generation of Imax film cameras and KODAK 65mm film will be Peele’s Nope, opening on July 22 while Nolan’s Oppenheimer is currently shooting with Imax cameras.

“As Imax grows as a global platform for entertainment and events, we want to offer more filmmakers, storytellers and artists the opportunity to create with our unrivalled end-to-end technology,” said Megan Colligan, President of Imax Entertainment. “From our connected global network to Imax Enhanced for the home, the Imax Experience provides a more expansive creative canvas than ever, and these new film cameras will enable a new generation of creators along with those who already love working with the cameras a better way to unlock the power of Imax.”

“Imax film brings images to life,” said  Nolan. “From resolution and color to sharpness and overall quality, there is nothing compared to using IMAX film cameras today. Filmmakers and movie fans worldwide should be thrilled at the prospect of new and improved Imax film cameras – I know I am.”

“Imax is movie magic pushed to its limit,” said Peele. “When you see a film in an Imax theater, it feels like you are there. It’s complete immersion, and there’s nothing quite like it. And we are only at the beginning, there’s still so much to be explored in this format.”

New and improved features being explored for the new Imax film cameras include a quieter design and a number of useability enhancements. Imax’s existing fleet of cameras and lenses are also undergoing major upgrades as part of the program. Several industry partners are also joining Imax in the initiative to strengthen the global and future support of its film cameras, i.e. Kodak will offer enhanced technical support and manufacturing of the 65mm film stock; Panavision is providing a global network of enhanced service and maintenance for Imax camera productions around the globe along with new tools for the cameras and technical support; while FotoKem will work alongside the Imax camera and post-production departments to improve production workflows and coordinate lab and post services.

Imax film cameras have a reputation for capturing detailed, lifelike images, due to its proprietary and unique 15 perf horizontal 65mm frame size. They are prized for presenting movies in the 1.43 aspect ratio.

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