‘Queens’ Season Finale: Brandy Says She Felt Like Cinderella Again As Music Drama Awaits Word On Future

Brandy, Queens
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SPOILER ALERT: This story reveals major plot points from Tuesday’s Season 1 finale of ABC’s Queens.

Although the future of ABC’s freshman series Queens is unknown, it didn’t stop stars Brandy, Naturi Naughton and Nadine Velazquez from giving fans an ending full of surprises.

Taylor Sele, Brandy Wilford Harewood/ABC

First, let’s address the elephant in the room. Queens has yet to be renewed for a second season, but the Season 1 finale gives fans closure and a small little cliffhanger that leaves the door open for the story to continue.

One of the biggest surprises of the night was the return of Eve, who took a break from the series after announcing her pregnancy. She last appeared in episode 9, titled “Bars.” While she wasn’t physically on set, her character Brianna made a virtual appearance at the group’s induction into the Hip Hop Hall of Fame.

But before that celebration went down, Naomi (Brandy), Jill (Naughton) and Valeria (Velazquez) welcomed their protégé Lil Muffin (Pepi Sonuga) into the fold officially as the group’s fourth member, filling the slot left open by Brianna’s departure.

But the most magical moment of the night belongs to Naomi, who married her longtime love Eric Jones (Taylor Sele) in a gorgeous white gown, giving off major Cinderella vibes.

Brandy spoke with Deadline about Eve’s surprise appearance, Naomi’s nuptials, and a possible Season 2.

Eve’s surprise appearance in Season 1 finale of Queens. ABC

DEADLINE: Eve just announced she welcomed a baby boy. Congratulations on becoming an auntie.

BRANDY: I’m so happy for her. I’m happy her delivery went great and the baby is healthy. She’s healthy, too, and so happy.

DEADLINE: What a great surprise to see her pop in for the finale. Did you guys know all along that would happen?

BRANDY: Actually, it was a surprise for us. We didn’t even know anything they were planning, they kept it under wraps so our reactions could be real. I was so happy to see her and I know that the fans are gonna love seeing her back and giving us the message she gave us. It was unbelievable. I’m a little teary-eyed just thinking about that moment.

DEADLINE: What can you share about Naomi’s growth from when we first met her in the premiere to where she is in the finale? She even gets a fairytale ending!

BRANDY: When you first meet her, she’s hard and she’s all about being the GOAT and the greatest. It’s not about her daughter, or about the love that’s been knocking on her door for 20 years. So after seeing her go through this arc, it was beautiful to then end up walking down the aisle and marrying the man she never stopped loving. And, on top of that, her daughter gave her away. It really was a fairytale, but most importantly, it was also very real.

Pepi Sonuga, Naturi Naughton, Taylor Sele, Brandy, Nadine Velazquez, and Previous Way ABC/Wilford Harewood

DEADLINE: Seeing you in that gorgeous gown really gave off Cinderella vibes. Did you feel like Cinderella again?

BRANDY: It did make me feel like Cinderella again! It felt like the Cinderella that got married in the end. That’s how it felt. It was so beautiful.

DEADLINE: The wedding was a bit of a surprise because like two episodes back, Naomi was telling Eric they needed to take things slow.

BRANDY: She made him work for it for years. I think just with her having this new beautiful relationship with her daughter and seeing how their relationship has blossomed. She wants her daughter to have the family she never had.

DEADLINE: Nasty Girl Records is such a great idea, especially with how it was created by women to support women. We need Nasty Girl Records for real.

BRANDY: I was so impressed with that storyline because I was around in the ’90s when a lot of this stuff was taking place. So I really enjoyed telling this story of these women creating their own label and coming together to help other women by pulling them up by the bootstraps and chasing their dreams together. That’s what it’s all about.

I really want there to be a label for women, by women, and representing women. That would be amazing. Maybe we can manifest that? I felt in my heart that this was something I would really want.

Nadine Velazquez, Naturi Naughton, Brandy, and Pepi Sonuga Wilford Harewood/ABC

DEADLINE: The season ends with a feeling of completion but there’s also that little open-ended moment where we see the group onstage and the viewer can’t see who is occupying the fourth position. What have you heard about the possibility for a Season 2?

BRANDY: I don’t know. I hope that we get another chance to do what we all love to do. I know I would love to see more performances, more rapping, and more stage stuff if there is a Season 2. We didn’t really get a chance to do a lot of the stage performances that I wanted to do this year. I hope we get to tell more great stories and have a lot more entertainment in terms of the group. Fingers crossed.

And if not, you’ll see me doing it somewhere else. I love what I do and I’m so inspired. This show brought a whole new energy to my life, which has been such a blessing. I love being on TV, I’m such a TV girl. Ya’ll will hopefully see me on Queens or wherever! I love the art of what I do. I’ll be around for as long as ya’ll will have me.

DEADLINE: Maybe your costar Naturi Naughton has a spot for you on Starz’s Power: Ghost?

BRANDY: You know what? Don’t tempt me. I got some skills for Power. I don’t know if you watched Star but I played a whole gangster on there. I’m sure I can work some magic over there with 50 Cent and all those guys.

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