‘One Year, One Night’ Clip: First Look At Isaki Lacuesta’s Bataclan Survivors Drama – Berlin

One Year, One Night
"One Year, One Night" Studiocanal

EXCLUSIVE: Isaki Lacuesta’s drama One Year, One Night (Un Año, Una Noche), about survivors grappling with trauma following the devastating terrorist attack at Paris’ Bataclan theater on November 13, 2015, world premieres in competition at the Berlin Film Festival today. Check out a clip above as a group of friends discusses messages of support they received in the wake of the tragedy.

Nahuel Pérez (120 Battements Par Minute) and Noémie Merlant (Portrait Of A Lady On Fire) star in the film. Pérez is Ramón and Merlant plays Céline, a young couple who attended the concert that fateful night, and while they survived, they are no longer the same. The event leaves a deep scar on both their lives as each tries to cope with the aftermath as best they can. Céline desperately strives to leave it behind her, clinging to her previous life, while Ramón repeatedly revisits the events, trying to remember and understand what happened. Nonetheless, they both face the same key question: how to reconnect and move on together?

Also starring are Quim Gutiérrez, Alba Guilera and Natalia De Molina.

One Year, One Night is adapted from the testimony of Spanish Bataclan survivor Ramón Gonzalez in his book Peace, Love And Death Metal and written by Isa Campo, Lacuesta and Fran Araújo. Producers are Ramon Campos and Jérôme Vidal. Studiocanal has world sales.

Lacuesta’s other directing credits include The Damned, which won the FIPRESCI Award at the 2009 San Sebastián Film Festival, while both The Double Steps and Between Two Waters took the Golden Shell for Best Film at the same festival.

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