Barry Manilow Spotify Rumor Is False, Singer Confirms

Barry Manilow onstage in 2019 Mega Agency

Barry Manilow is not following Neil Young’s anti-Spotify lead after all.

Despite rampant Twitter rumors over the last two days, Manilow says he is not removing his music from streaming service Spotify. Young removed his own catalog from the service in protest over Joe Rogan’s Spotify podcast, which Young says spreads misinformation about the Covid vaccine.

“I recently heard a rumor about me and Spotify,” Manilow tweeted today. “I don’t know where it started, but it didn’t start with me or anyone who represents me.”

Yesterday, Young removed his music from the service after issuing Spotify an ultimatum: “Rogan or Young. Not both.”

In addition to the Manilow rumor, numerous Twitter accounts have claimed that Peter Frampton had followed Young in removing his catalog. That rumor started after Frampton tweeted his apparently philosophical support for Young: “I’ve always been an Apple guy for streaming. No Joe Rogan for me thank you!” As of Friday afternoon, Frampton’s music remains available on Spotify.


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