Wine, Food And Travel Streaming Service Somm TV Sets 2022 Programming Slate, Including Covid Documentary ‘Saving The Restaurant’

Somm TV

Somm TV, a streaming service dedicated to wine, food and travel, has set its 2022 programming slate, including the Covid documentary Saving the Restaurant and Napa origin story Judgment of Paris.

The subscription outlet launched in 2019, taking its name and DNA from the 2012 documentary Somm, which detailed the rigors of the competition to become an elite-level sommelier. It costs $6 a month, or $50 for a full year after a free three-day trial. Forgotten Man Films, the parent company of Somm TV, was founded by the team behind Somm and its sequels, including director Jason Wise, producer Christina Wise and cinematographer Jackson Myers.

A fourth Somm film is among the 2022 offerings. Subtitled Cup of Salvation, it explores the birthplace of wine, roaming the vaults of the Vatican and exploring the crossroads of wine, religion, and conflict.

Other titles on next year’s streaming slate include Saving the Restaurant, which examines America’s service industry navigating the Covid pandemic. Judgment of Paris tells the true story of the Paris wine tasting of 1976 that catapulted Napa Valley to global renown as a winemaking region.

Auction Lot 288: The Story of the Most Expensive Champagne takes viewers behind the scene at champagne producer Perrier-Jouët’s cellars. It also recounts a record-breaking Christie’s of London auction over a bottle from 1874.

Pairings shows how top sommeliers and chefs at the world’s finest restaurants team up to create blends of food and beverage.

“We are thrilled to be announcing our new slate of SOMM TV films and television shows for 2022,” said Jason Wise, director and chief creative officer of Somm TV. “This year we have brought together the absolute best content that wine and food lovers around the world can enjoy on demand, all in one place.”

Here is the 2022 slate, including release dates and descriptions furnished by Somm TV:

Saving the Restaurant (February 15, 2022) – From closing restaurants to battling Congress, this is the untold story of America’s service industry fighting for survival.

The Whole Animal (April 26, 2022) – The farmer, the chef, and the butcher come together in this illuminating documentary showing how different cultures use the whole animal to create the world’s most respected dishes. Filmed across Northern Italy, Southwest France, Spain, Argentina, and Northern California, perhaps history can show us what we’re doing wrong today.

Judgment of Paris (May 24, 2022) – An event as controversial as it was seminal, The Judgment of Paris made Napa what it is today but the true story has never been told.

Auction Lot 288: The Story of the Most Expensive Champagne (June 2022) – For the first time, Perrier-Jouët opens up its cellar to auction off bottles, including one from 1874, with Christie’s auction house in London.

Pairings (First episode debuts in July 2022) – A never-before-seen look at the minds of the sommelier and chef that make the world’s best restaurants. Perfection lies between food and beverage.

Somm 4: Cup of Salvation (September 2022) – The next chapter in the acclaimed Somm films, the Cup of Salvation dives into what wine truly means to human history and the land we inhabit. From the wine in the Caucus Mountains to an inside look at the Vatican archives, this film explores the crossroads of wine, religion, and conflict.

Ghosts of Spring Mountain (Early October 2022) – The tale of abandoned wineries and the ghosts that are rumored to still occupy them.

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