Chris Noth Now Also Accused Of 2002 Sexual Assault; ‘Sex And The City’ Stars Urged To Speak Out For Rape Victims

Chris Noth
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Chris Noth has been accused of another sexual assault.

In a virtual press conference Thursday hosted by Gloria Allred, singer Lisa Gentile alleged that the Sex and the City star violently laid hands on her in “early 2002” at her New York City apartment. It becomes the fourth accusation made against Noth over the past two weeks.

Noth “forcibly” turned on self-described “acquaintance” Gentile in her kitchen with kisses, and he was “slobbering all over,” Gentile said. With Noth moving up and inside her shirt, Gentile says, “I kept pushing his hands down, while he was pushing his hands up.” As her roommates slept nearby, Gentile yelled, “No, I don’t want this” and pushed Noth away, She said he called her a “tease” and a “bitch.”

Noth supposedly stormed out right after that.

Gentile went on to say she told one of her roommates about what happened with Noth; Gentile and the actor had known each other for about four years after meeting at NYC’s Da Marino restaurant. The day after the alleged assault, Gentile said Noth phoned her on a roommate’s landline. He warned “that if I ever told a soul he would ruin my career,” Gentile said of that brief conversation. (See Gentile’s full statement below.)

Noth was dumped by A3 Artists Agency last week and pink-slipped from CBS’ The Equalizer in the aftermath of the first accusations against him by two women and made public earlier this month; He has called those decades-old claims “categorically false.”

Reps for the actor did not respond to request for comment on today’s allegations.

Ex-Law & Order star Noth’s recently retained Lavely & Singer lawyers may have been quiet today, but Allred had a lot to say about Noth and legislation that could change the way rape and other sex crimes are handled in the Empire State.

Pushing for the passage of New York’s statute of limitations-busting Adult Survivors Act, Allred told the virtually assembled media during today’s press conference that Gentile had several interactions with Noth after the alleged 2002 attack, but she has not spoken to the actor in “a long time.”

“It is too late for her to file a lawsuit and a jury to hear her testimony against Chris Noth,” Allred added on Thursday, using Gentile’s case and her lack of legal options as a wedge for legislative action on Adult Survivors Act.

The attorney also jumped on a December 20 statement from the main cast of Sex and the City and And Just Like That… saying that they are “deeply saddened” over the claims against Noth and “support the women who have come forward.” to urge Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis to do more.

“We urge Sarah [Jessica Parker], Cynthia [Nixon] and Kristin [Davis] to take action to speak out in support of the Adult Survivors Act,” Allred said. “We also urge Chris Noth to speak out in support of New York’s Adult Survivors Act,” the lawyer went on to say, with the logic that such cases can be “resolved in a court of law, not court of public opinion.”

Last in front of the Hollywood press on November 17 in her role as the representative for former Rust script supervisor Mamie Mitchell and the lawsuit filed over the fatal October 21 shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchinson by Alec Baldwin, Allred declared that both she and Gentile would testify in front of New York elected officials for passage of the ASA if allowed.

While Noth’s Mr. Big character died from a Peloton workout-induced heart attack in the first episode of And Just Like That.., his presence remains a big part of the revival, for now.

Here’s Gentile’s full statement:

I first met Chris Noth when I began frequenting DaMarino Restaurant in New York City in 1998. He was a regular there and good friends with the owner Pasquale Marino.

I would often see Chris dining and hanging out when I would visit DaMarino with friends and family.

Eventually Chris and I started conversing and we became acquaintances. We’d chat mostly about music and show business and the neighborhood.

Then on a Saturday night in early 2002 we were all hanging out at DaMarino. Around midnight I was getting ready to leave. Chris offered me a ride home and I said okay. When we arrived at my apartment, he asked me if he could come up. I told him I had nothing to offer him to drink and he said that’s okay, and that he just wanted to see where I lived. He came upstairs. We entered and I went to the kitchen. He wanted to see the rest of the apartment, but I didn’t show him because my roommate was sleeping. He used the restroom. I found some old, boxed wine. and poured him a glass.

He started kissing me almost right away. Then he leaned against the kitchen countertop and forcibly pulled me against him; he was slobbering all over me. I quickly became uncomfortable. Then he became more aggressive and put both hands on my breasts and began squeezing them very hard over my shirt. He quickly went under my shirt and began squeezing them even harder over my bra with his fingers grabbing the exposed skin not covered by my bra. Then he tried to push my bra up with both of his hands. I grabbed his hands with my hands and tried to stop him. I kept pushing his hands down while he was pushing mine up. I was trying to get him to stop. He then forced my hands to pull up his shirt exposing his belly and then even harder pushed my hands down towards his penis. I finally managed to push him away and get out of his grasp and yelled, “no, I don’t want this”. He became extremely angry and started screaming calling me a “tease” and a “bitch”. He stormed out of my apartment.

After he left, I woke my roommate and best friend and told her what happened. She clearly remembers this.

The next morning Chris Noth called me and my roommates’ landline that was not in my name. He warned me that if I ever told a soul about what happened, he would ruin my career and I would never sing again and that he would blacklist me in the business.

He hung up on me. I immediately called my mother and father crying.

I was afraid to come forward because of Mr. Noth’s power and his threats to ruin my career. I am speaking out now in support of the other four women who have courageously come forward before me. I feel that we should have our day in Court to seek to hold Mr. Noth accountable for what he did.

I am also speaking out to insure the rights of of my nieces, goddaughter and future victims of sexual harassment and assault.

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