‘The Bachelorette’ Reveals Season 18 Winner: Was It Nayte or Brandon?

The Bachelorette
Craig Sjodin/ABC

SPOILER ALERT: Nayte and Brandon are in a war of the roses for Michelle’s heart in the live season finale of The Bachelorette.

Host Kaitlyn Bristowe was on site, while Tayshia Adams was absent due to being exposed to Covid-19.

After a tough decision last week, Joe was sent home, leaving Nayte and Brandon in the top two. Today’s episode was a roller coster of emotions as Michelle juggles with various emotions in having to choose one of these two men. She did express the approval of her family was important, and the deciding factor on who she choses.

The first to meet the family is Brandon, who was well received by Michelle’s father. Her mother was a bit more inquisitive but warmed up to him gave him her blessing. However, Nayte was a bit tongue tied while meeting her folks. The question of whether or not he would move to Minnesota was something Nayte was unsure about which raised a red flag with her parents. Particularly, her mother point out that he doesn’t seem like he’s ready for an engagement, which she expressed to Michelle.

At this point, there is one last date before Michelle makes a decision, and at this point she makes it clear that she’s fallen hard for Brandon. When they meet for the final time, he goes all out to make the ambiance comfortable for her and the two talk about their favorite moments together. Brandon then presents to her his favorite sweatshirt which she spilled juice and coffee on to. Michelle declares this her favorite moment of them together.

Michelle and Nayte have a different encounter where they meet with a local Shaman who will challenge them both to open up. The shaman notices that Nayte is trying to hide his emotions although he’s encountering a lot of feelings. This catches Michelle of guard, but also makes her smile. However, he starts to fumble when asked what does he want to let go of when it comes to this relationship. He mentions nervousness and fear but that isn’t quite enough for Michelle. After a heart to heart discussion where Nayte finally opens up, she feels a bit more sure about his devotion and love for her.

The Bachelorette is rightfully nervous about making a decision. She mentions how she’s finally ready to put herself and happiness first, and tonight’s decision will be based on that.

Nearing the end of the show, many fans on Twitter were making their predictions on which of the two men Michelle would choose. Brandon approaches the beach the men are all smiles. Brandon is the first to show up, and is confident he will be chosen. But when talking to Brandon, Michelle reveals to him he isn’t her choice. The two share a heartfelt goodbye as he leaves the beach shedding tears.

This episode, Michelle starts with saying, “when you’re in love with two people, how do you know which person, is your person?”

And that person for her is Nayte.

When he shows up on the beach and meets with her, he professes his love for her and vows to get down on one knee. Michelle tells him that she loves him and wants to spend the rest of her life with him and then he gets on one knee and pops the question and she said yes!

Here are some reactions from Bachelorette fans on Twitter, which are mostly morning for Brandon.

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