‘Survivor’ Crowns Season 41 Winner In Fiji

Jeff Probst
Jeff Probst reveals the winner of 'Survivor' Season 41 CBS via YouTube

SPOILERS AHEAD: The Covid-shortened Survivor Season 41 finale was packed with two tribal councils, two immunity challenges one and a fire-making tie-breaker. Oh, and the final five contestants were forced to relocate to a new island with minimal comfort just days before the finale.

After an initial tribal council and two immunity challenges, the final three consisted of Xander, Deshawn and Erika. Rather than the usual live reveal at a later date, Survivor brass decided to go straight to a winner reveal after the final tribal due to uncertainty about Covid. That development shocked the participants, but the outcome likely did not.

Erika won, receiving all but one of the final votes for Sole Survivor. Deshawn got the remaining vote, which was cast by Danny.

Erika tonight became the first Canadian to win the $1 million. She’s also the first woman to win in seven seasons.

Immediately following the reveal, the final three and the jury took part in an aftershow in Fiji. There was no studio audience, no family members and no distance from what they’d just experienced. Host Jeff Probst described the result as “raw.”

“There’s no filters,” he continued. “This is exactly what it felt like for them moments after the season ended.”

It’s the first time in 41 seasons that producers have executed an aftershow immediately following the final vote.

You can watch the winner reveal here.

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