Miley Cyrus Becomes A Christmas Card On ‘Saturday Night Live’

Miley Cyrus SNL

Miley Cyrus made a special appearance on NBC’s Saturday Night Live as part of Punkie Johnson’s holiday card in a sketch that brought the colorful cardstock to life.

Johnson played the role of Ruth, who sent the card depicting a chance meeting with Cyrus to friends and family including a couple whose greetings magically come to life.

“What better way to remind you that I met a celebrity at a restaurant 11 months ago than with my Christmas card?” Johnson as Ruth asked jokingly in the sketch below.

Miley added, “This woman came up to my table and said, ‘You’re Hannah Montana’ and then said she hated my music. She asked for a photo and implied if I didn’t take it it’s because I was racist.”

To keep in the spirit of the season, Cyrus shared a celebratory message with Ruth’s friends.

“So I guess Merry Christmas from Miley and…” Cyrus said before Ruth interrupts her. “You don’t know my name? You’re racist!”

Watch the clip from the episode hosted by Billie Eilish in full above.

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