Chris Cuomo Addresses CNN Suspension: “It’s Embarrassing, But I Understand It”

Chris Cuomo addresses CNN suspension
Chris Cuomo Everett Collection

The morning after CNN suspended Chris Cuomo, the primetime host addressed the situation on his SiriusXM Satellite Radio show, saying in part, “The last thing I ever wanted to do was compromise any of my colleagues.”

“Quick note about the obvious — I’ve been suspended from CNN,” a gloomy-sounding Cuomo said today at the top of his program Let’s Get After It. After telling his producer to cut the upbeat intro music, he added: “You know this already. It hurts to even say it. It’s embarrassing, but I understand it.” Listen to his full statement in the clip above.

The host was responding to his indefinite barring from the cable news network, where he hosts the 9 p.m ET program Cuomo Prime Time. CNN on Tuesday suspended him following the release of new information that shed new light on his involvement in his brother Andrew Cuomo’s response to sexual harassment claims. The network aired a second hour of lead-in program Anderson Cooper 360 in the Cuomo Prime Time slot Tuesday night.

“And I understand why some people feel the way they do about what I did,” Cuomo added on his POTUS Channel show. “I’ve apologized in the past. I mean it. It’s the last thing I ever wanted to do was compromise any of my colleagues. And do anything but help. I know they have a process that they think is important. I respect that process. So I’m not going to talk about this anymore than that. So for right now, let’s just get after it and there’s plenty to do on that score.”

No news today about the length of Cuomo’s CNN suspension or his long-term status at the WarnerMedia-owned network. His older brother resigned in disgrace as the governor of New York in August, amid a wide-ranging sexual misconduct scandal.

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