Inner Voice Artists Teams With Environmental Activists Céline Cousteau & Lilly Platt On Docuseries

Lilly Platt
Lilly Platt Inner Voice Artists

EXCLUSIVE: Management and production company Inner Voice Artists (IVA) is teaming with a pair of environmental activists on a docuseries that will explore topics including climate change, mental health and social justice.

The 8×30 series YouthMundus: Investigations with Lilly Platt and Céline Cousteau will follow 13-year-old Platt, one of the world’s youngest recognized environmentalists who is known for her campaign against plastic waste in the UK, and her mentor Cousteau, a reputed socio-environmental advocate known for her documentary work (as well as being the daughter of Jean-Michel Cousteau and granddaughter of Jacques Cousteau).

In the show, Platt will team up with a roster of activists and influencers as they discuss possible solutions to the problems the Earth is facing, with each episode pinned to a specific industry and how it impacts the environment, such as the restaurant industry and the film business. The end of the season will see Platt reunite with Cousteau to present her findings.

The format has been spun out of IVA’s youth-focused music and content festival, YouthMundus, which the company launched in November 2019 and was centered around the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

IVA is packaging the project with a streaming home in mind. Céline Cousteau is also an executive producer on the series.

“It’s no accident that recent successful, award-winning and critically-acclaimed documentaries such as Hulu’s I Am Greta, are captivating audiences around the globe. Climate change is real and it’s affecting everyone around the world. While audiences want to feel entertained, it’s also evident that people clearly want to learn more about this and how to take proactive action,” commented IVA founder Ina Petersen. “Our show, with its fresh, authentic and hopeful approach to the interconnectedness of these various topics which also include mental health and social justice, will hopefully help engage, enlighten and inspire people everywhere.”

“Youth have an unprecedented voice and presence in today’s understanding of the connection of environmental issues to our social systems, our health, and our actions,” added Céline Cousteau. “I am thrilled to partner with the dynamic and creative team at Inner Voice Artists on this inspiring and fun project that they’ve put together, and accompany Lilly on her journey of discovery and storytelling. She is a great example of what this generation is capable of in order to enact positive change.”

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