‘Introducing, Selma Blair’ Made Actress The Role Model She Needed To See — Contenders Documentary

Introducing Selma Blair

Introducing, Selma Blair subject Blair said she allowed director Rachel Fleit to film her coping with multiple sclerosis treatments because she could not find examples of other people going them. Blair and director Rachel Fleit spoke with Deadline’s Matthew Carey at The Contenders: Documentary.

“I just really craved seeing someone else in my position,” Blair said. “This is perfect because then I can touch everyone that chooses to see it and love on them by being open, but yet then I can go back to my house without a camera.”

Fleit, who has alopecia, related to Blair’s struggle. She filmed Blair in raw moments, including one in a bathtub, as Blair coped with physical changes she could not control.

‘Introducing, Selma Blair’ Trailer Explores Actress Struggling With Multiple Sclerosis In Discovery+ Film

“As a person who has no hair, I’ve gone through my own experience in life with alopecia and really had to confront what makes people feel uncomfortable or makes them want to look away,” Fleit said. “As a filmmaker, I’m so interested in defying that mythology and just looking straight ahead at all different ways of being in the world.”

Blair said she hopes Introducing, Selma Blair helps families understand their loved ones who may have MS or other medical conditions.

“I do think once people see it and get more of an understanding or some comfort or ‘Oh, that’s why my sister can talk that way and then she doesn’t for the rest of the day. She was tired. I’ll stop making fun of her,’” Blair said. “I love when that happens — when someone notices something because of the film and they’ve given someone else more leeway.”

Introducing, Selma Blair is streaming on Discovery+.

Check out the panel video above.

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