TV Academy Elects Officers & Governors For 2022-23; Frank Scherma Stays As Chairman & CEO

Frank Scherma Mega Agency; TV Academy

Frank Scherma has been re-elected for a second term as Chairman and CEO of the Television Academy, which announced its newly elected board and governors for 2022-23 today.

Joining Scherma, who’s from the Academy’s Commercials and Producers peer groups, for two-year terms starting January 1 are Vice Chair Sharon Lieblein (Casting Directors), Second Vice Chair Rickey Minor (Music), Secretary Allison Binder (Professional Representatives) and Treasurer Ann Leslie Uzdavinis (Commercials).

The Academy  noted that a record 41% of those elected are new to its boardroom, including two governors representing the newly created Science & Technology Peer Group.

Here are the 25 newly elected board members and their peer groups:

Anya Adams (Directors)
Kaz Aizawa (Animation)
Wendy Aylsworth (Science & Technology)
Edward H. Bonin (Special Visual Effects)
Shannon Buck (Public Relations)
Nikki Carbonetta (Makeup Artists/Hairstylists)
Sherri Chung (Music)
Ana Criado (Motion & Title Design)
Nicole Demerse (Writers)
Nena Erb (Picture Editors)
Kim Estes (Performers)
Scott A. Freeman (Reality Programming)
Stephanie Hampton (Los Angeles Area)
Marc Hirschfeld (Casting Directors)
Dominique Kelley (Choreography)
Kira Kelly (Cinematographers)
Senain Kheshgi (Documentary Programming)
Charlie McBrearty (Commercials)
George Mooradian (Cinematographers)
Phillip W. Palmer (Sound)
Larry Rosenthal (Stunts)
Hollann Sobers (Production Executives)
Vito Trotta (Makeup Artists/Hairstylists)
Steve Viola (Motion & Title Design)
Barry B. Zegel (Science & Technology)

Here are the seven governors elected to serve a second term:

Debra Curtis (Television Executives)
Laura Guzik (Costume Design & Supervision)
Bryan Leder (Professional Representatives)
David Plakos (Lighting, Camera & Technical Arts)
Keith Raskin (Producers)
Troy Underwood (Children’s Programming)
James Yarnell (Art Directors/Set Decorators).

Two of the governors elected are returning to the board to serve a new two-year term after a multiple-year absence from the Academy’s governing body: Brenda Brkusic Milinkovic (Daytime Programming) and Christopher B. Reeves (Sound Editors).

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