CAPE And The Black List Reveal Selected Scripts For The Third Annual CAPE List


In collaboration with CAPE, The Black List today announced the ten scripts selected for the third annual CAPE List, highlighting scripts centered on diverse Asian and Pacific Islander characters and experiences from writers from Asian and Pacific Islander communities.

Eligible writers were able to submit their scripts for consideration via until July 16, 2021. Selected scripts include a protagonist with Asian and/or Pacific Islander heritage, as well as authentic, accurate and inclusive Asian and Pacific Islander representation that if removed, would significantly alter or affect the story. Scripts on The CAPE List represent a diverse array of backgrounds and new voices, and collectively highlight the tremendous pool of creative talent in the Asian and Pacific Islander communities.

“We are thrilled to uplift these ten scripts that highlight the rich variety of stories within our communities,” said Michelle K. Sugihara, Executive Director of CAPE. “Expanding this year’s partnership to include meetings with industry heavyweights A-Major Media, Annapurna, Lord Miller and M88 is an exciting evolution as CAPE and The Black List continue working to level the playing field.”

For the first time in its three-year history, CAPE List writers will additionally be read by executives and industry professionals at A-Major Media, Annapurna, Lord Miller, and M88, and have the option to take a general meeting with an executive at each of those companies.

“At this point – and especially after this year – it should be more than abundantly clear to everyone that films and television about Asian characters have just as much extraordinary potential with audiences and bottom lines as any other film and television,” added Black List founder Franklin Leonard. “We couldn’t be more proud to be in league with CAPE to promote another list of exceptional work from exceptional writers, and it’s particularly good to see our former Black List screenwriting alums thriving as Wallaine Sarao clearly is.

Here are the ten feature scripts were selected for the 2021 CAPE List:

Angel Island by Kevin Shen

Logline: In 1920s San Francisco, a Chinese American interpreter on Angel Island Immigration Station grapples with what it means to be American when he meets a woman facing the country’s racist immigration laws.

Citizen Nowhere by Kevin Ramlal

Logline: In 1907, a stubborn Punjabi immigrant sets out to win the American wrestling welterweight title in order to earn the resources and respect necessary for his community’s survival.

Goodbye Hurricane by The Tao Brothers

Logline: An Asian American son must navigate his own personal trauma, as well as a broken and fragmented mental health system, in order to keep his schizoaffective mother alive and safe.

Honey by Wallaine Sarao

Logline: When a Filipina girl from a devout Christian family winds up pregnant, she and her two best friends compete for a dance contest prize to pay for her abortion.

Jersey Boy by Jaskaran Singh

Logline: A Sikh boy growing up in suburban New Jersey must reconcile with his identity after a family tragedy in the aftermath of 9/11.

Mother River by D. Dona Le

Logline: A simple Vietnamese rice farmer takes on an international human trafficking ring with just her street smarts and brute strength to rescue her kidnapped teenage daughter.

Super Nova by Soma Helmi and Sam Boyer

Logline: In small-town Texas, a young mixed-Indonesian girl and her imaginary superhero friend compete for the chance to go to Comic-Con — and meet her possible biological mother.

The Defiant One by Veialu Aila-Unsworth

Logline: Inspired by true events. Set on a Pacific Island colony, an indigenous girl must save her brother from execution after accidentally revealing his forbidden friendship with the governor’s daughter.

The Dining Room by Shawn Parikh

Logline: A broke, lonely Indian widow rediscovers her appetite for life when she opens an unauthorized restaurant from her apartment dining room.

Written In The Stars by Menik Gooneratne

Logline: When her horoscope reveals NOW is the time for marriage, a skeptical Sri Lankan Australian woman concedes to her superstitious mother’s whims and agrees to meet 101 suitors in 90 days.

The CAPE List follows Black List partnerships with GLAAD, Indigenous, Latinx and Muslim organizations, and organizations for people with disabilities to identify and celebrate great screenplays and writers from communities traditionally underrepresented in front of and behind the camera.

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