WGA Members Approve Change In Movie Credits To Better Reflect All Writers’ Contributions


WGA members have approved a referendum that will create an “Additional Literary Material” screen credit to more accurately reflect the contributions of all writers employed on movie projects.

The change, which was approved with a 73% Yes vote by members of the WGA East and West, will give screen credits to hundreds of feature film writers who currently aren’t eligible to receive them.


The guild’s Screen Credits Review Committee, which recommended approval of the referendum, noted that the WGA had determined credits for 213 films in 2020, and that “On 69 of these films – roughly 1 in 3 – at least one participating writer received no credit. In total, 185 participating writers wrote on features for which they ultimately received no credit. These are the writers who would be eligible for a new credit.” The guild noted “this new credit would denote employment or sale of material, not authorship.”

The committee, in a message to members on Monday, noted that the “Additional Literary Material” credit will be available on projects on which credits become final after December 31, 2021, and that “Our committee anticipates issuing guidance concerning implementation of the change before the end of the year.”

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