Mark Ruffalo, Other Activists Urge Passage Of Voting Bill In ‘Electile Dysfunction’ Ad Spoof


The airwaves are flooded with pharmaceutical spots, often going for the hard sell for the most personal of health conditions via a mixture of serene sounding actors, clinical phrasing and rapid fire revelations of side effects.

On that note comes a new spot from public interest group RepresentUs that spoofs erectile dysfunction spots with a digital ad called Electile Dysfunction, with Mark Ruffalo, Jake Johnson and Jonathan Scott appearing.

Through the humor, the video advocates for the Senate passage of the Freedom to Vote Act, which has so far been blocked amid Republican threats of a filibuster. The legislation would make Election Day a federal holiday and restrict gerrymandering, among other reforms.

“Filibusting just doesn’t make me feel good anymore,” a distraught Ruffalo says in the spot.

It’s also the latest celebrity push for the voting legislation, even as much of the attention of Capitol Hill journalists has been fixated on efforts by Democrats to pass President Joe Biden’s legislative agenda. Last month, Alyssa Milano was among those arrested outside the White House as she called for passage of the legislation.

The digital ad debuted on Tuesday evening on The Rachel Maddow Show, and has so far drawn 300,000 views on social media. RepresentUs also plans to do a TV ad buy.

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