Shiri Appleby Sets ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Return

By Denise Petski, Nellie Andreeva

Shiri Appleby Roswell
Shiri Appleby as Liz in The WB's "Roswell" Everett

In the biggest twist from the two-part Season 3 finale of the CW’s Roswell, New Mexico, the original series’ cast member Shiri Appleby made a surprise cameo in the final minutes.

“I can say that she will be back in Season 4,” Roswell, NM executive producer Chris Hollier told TVLine at the time.

Appleby’s return has now been set. She is currently set to appear in two episodes of Season 4, starting with #409.

In the Season 3 finale, we saw Appleby in a brief cameo in the role of Allie, where she is awakened by a naked woman (possibly an extra-terrestrial) who was searching for Liz Ortecho. “Liz Ortecho was a student of mine,” Allie told the woman. To everyone’s surprise, Allie turned out to be Appleby, who played the original Liz in The WB’s Roswell.

Appleby directed two episodes of Roswell, New Mexico — “Songs About Texas” in Season 1 and and “What If God Was One of Us?” in Season 2 — but this was the first time Appleby appeared in front of the camera.

Hollier is being tight-lipped about any character details or storyline for Appleby’s Allie or the naked woman who approached her. But the arc is expected to answer the questions posed by that Season 3 finale cameo.

“That’s definitely what it presents like,” Hollier said of the woman possibly being an alien. “You can never trust what your first image is, but I look forward to people speculating for a couple of months,” he told TVLine.

Written by Carina Adly MacKenzie and directed by Julie Plec, the reimagined Roswell, like the original, is based on the Roswell High book series by Melinda Metz.

Roswell, New Mexico hails from Amblin TV, Bender Brown Prods, Warner Bros TV and CBS Studios.

Appleby also has been busy directing episodes of New Amsterdam, Black-ish and The Wonder Years, among others.

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