James Corden Hooks CBS Late-Night Exec Nick Bernstein To Lie-Detector Test To Drive Up Contract Talks

James Corden
Terence Patrick/CBS

James Corden found a novel way to get CBS late-night chief Nick Bernstein to admit that the network will pay more for his services during contract negotiations.

The host of The Late Late Show tied up Bernstein, Senior Vice President of Late Night Programming (West Coast) to a lie detector on last night’s show.

Ostenibly designed to find out whether Bernstein replaced a photo of Corden and Tom Cruise with a shot of the exec dressed as a jockey on top of a horse (a running joke on the show), the Brit slipped in a question regarding his potential new deal.

“Regarding my contract negotiations, do you think CBS will go higher on my new deal?,” asked Corden.

After a few seconds pause, Bernstein said ‘yes’ and turns out it was true.

Corden has been in talks with the network over a new deal for the last few months. His current contract runs through August 2022 and has been a strong digital performer with its breakout viral clips as well as an IP generator for CBS Studios.

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