‘Dune’ Spices Up With $221M Global Cume In Expanded Release; ‘No Time To Die’ Tops $525M WW; ‘Venom’ Voracious – International Box Office

No Time To Die Dune Venom Let There Be Carnage
(L-R) "No Time To Die," "Dune" and "Venom: Let There Be Carnage" MGM; Warner Bros; Sony Pictures

UPDATE, writethru: There were milestones aplenty this weekend at the global and international box office with three Hollywood heavy-hitters reaching important new benchmarks. Among them, MGM/Eon/Universal’s No Time To Die crossed both $400M overseas and $500M worldwide while Sony’ Venom: Let There Be Carnage topped $350M globally. The weekend leader, however, was Warner Bros/Legendary’s Dune which began offshore rollout back in September and just spiced up its worldwide cume with an additional $47.4M overseas and, along with its domestic debut, easily crossed $200M global through Sunday, as we previously noted was poised to happen. IMAX also had its biggest global October opening ever with Dune, mounding $17.8M for an unprecedented 20.3% of the worldwide weekend total.  

The Denis Villeneuve-directed Dune led offshore business for the session, taking an estimated $47.4M on 49,205 screens in 75 overseas markets. This lifts the running cume to $180.6M internationally, and to $220.7M worldwide. The overall holdover drop was a terrific 38%.

Warner Bros.
In like-for-like markets and using today’s rates, Dune is tracking on par with Tenet and ahead of Godzilla Vs Kong by 7%, Black Widow by 57%, Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings by 60% and Blade Runner 2049 by 81%.

The top overseas market was China where Dune is the first major Hollywood release since Disney/20th Century Studios’ Free Guy back in late August. Dune has grossed an estimated RMB 139.4M ($22M) according to local ticketing platform Maoyan, though some are seeing it a skosh higher. This will shake out tomorrow, but either way is right where we saw it coming into the weekend and surpasses the lifetimes of both Villeneuve’s Arrival and Blade Runner 2049. Dune, which is handled locally by Legendary East but is also understood to be part of a single-pot deal with WB, came in second behind local propaganda pic The Battle At Lake Changjin (RMB 205.3M/$32.2M weekend). The latter has now taken an estimated RMB 5.3B ($830M), putting it within closer reach of fellow local title Hi, Mom (RMB 5.41B) to become the biggest movie of 2021 worldwide.

After jockeying a bit, Maoyan has again shifted its projection for the full run of Dune, now expecting RMB 224.8M ($35.2M). Next weekend, the film will have competition in China from No Time To Die.

Other notable performances came in the UK where Dune grossed $7.5M from 1,331 screens and slightly edged the continued run of Bond to land at No. 1. Korea, which is still led by Venom 2, gave WB its second-biggest opening weekend of the pandemic, behind Tenet, with $3.4M. Mexico had a $2M No. 1 start and Brazil kicked off with $896K. Overall, Latin America overperformed compared to expectations.

Behind Dune for the studios, Venom 2 devoured $38.3M from 17,400+ screens in 53 markets this session, taking the offshore cume to $170.6M (-56% in holdovers) and global to $352.4M. This is after last session’s astounding wider release and with 50% of the international marketplace still to come. The Tom Hardy-starrer is currently on par with No Time To Die and ahead of Shang-Chi by 84%, Black Widow by 67% and F9 by 10% at the same point in release in like-for-like markets. The film captured the No. 1 spot in 31 out of 53 markets this frame.

That includes France where the start was $5.2M (with previews), besting Shang-Chi by 49% and on par with Black Widow. Germany launched with $4.3M (including previews), ahead of Shang-Chi by 90% and Black Widow by 79%. In Russia, the symbiote has grossed $30.3M to become the No. 8 Hollywood release of all time. Mexico and Korea remain standouts with respective cumes of $19.8M and $14.2M.

Daniel Craig no time to die
Daniel Craig as James Bond in ‘No Time to Die’ Nicola Dove/ MGM/Danjaq/Courtesy Everett Collection
Meanwhile, No Time To Die handily crossed the half a billion worldwide mark this weekend, grossing an estimated $525.4M through Sunday. That makes James Bond 25 only the second Hollywood title to get to the $500M milestone since 2019 (the other being Universal’s own F9). At the international box office, 007 has topped $400M with $405.6M through today in a combined 72 Universal and MGM markets. Likewise, apart from F9, NTTD is just the second studio movie to make the four-century benchmark overseas since 2019. As noted earlier this week, NTTD on Wednesday became the No. 2 Hollywood movie globally and overseas of 2021.

The fourth offshore weekend for Daniel Craig’s final turn as her majesty’s super agent was good for $33.1M in the UNI and MGM markets. The Universal portion ($28.3M in 48) repped a 37% drop from last session while MGM’s $4.8M in 24 was down 49%. Universal’s total is $326.3M, MGM’s is $79.3M. China releases next Friday and Australia is expecting Mr Bond on November 11.

The Cary Joji Fukunaga-directed installment continues to excel in Europe and Japan. Germany was the top holdover with just a 28% drop and hanging on to No. 1 despite the arrival of Venom 2. The cume there is now $56M, in line with Spectre and Skyfall at the same point of release.

The UK crossed $100M on Bond this session, seeing a 46% dip and grossing $106M through Sunday. That home market leads all play and is running in line with Spectre and Skyfall.

Breakdowns on this week’s films above and more have been updated below.


Warner Bros.
With a $47.4M weekend in 75 overseas markets, Warner Bros/Legendary’s Dune upped its international gross to $180.6M. Continuing to show staying power, the session was down 38% overall overseas. The global total stormed past $200M this frame, now at $220.7M through Sunday. This includes an RMB 139.4M ($22M) start in China per ticketing platform Maoyan. Legendary East releases in the market where the launch is 50% above A Quiet Place Part II and well over Denis Villeneuve’s most recent films, Blade Runner 2049 (+185%) and Arrival (+186%). The movie came in second behind local leader The Battle At Lake Changjin, which was to be expected. Dune grossed $5.1M in IMAX, 23% of the Middle Kingdom total from only 1% of screens. This pushes the IMAX China network to its best ever October box office, with a week remaining in the month.

Elsewhere, Dune opened very well in the UK, slightly edging No Time To Die with $7.5M including previews. That’s on par with Tenet as well as 50% above AQP2, 115% over Free Guy and 138% above Jungle Cruise. The IMAX portion was $1.55M on 49 screens for 19% of the weekend total. Korea gave WB its second best opening during the pandemic with $3.4M to track 27% above Godzilla Vs Kong. IMAX delivered $640K on 17 screens (18%). Korea is soft overall, though has really connected with Sony’s Venom 2 which skews to a younger audience.

Mexico had a strong start with $2M and ranking No. 1 ahead of Venom 2 as well as outperforming pandemic comps including Tenet (+129%) and Free Guy (+163%). Brazil also fared well compared to expectations with an $896K launch which was 79% ahead of Free Guy, 149% above Godzilla Vs Kong and 299% over Tenet. Poland landed a No. 1 and the third best pandemic opening behind No Time To Die and Venom 2 at $1.3M from 366 screens.

In Japan, Dune has grossed $3.7M of which $1.2M is from IMAX, a huge 31% of the nationwide cume from only 37 screens.

Dune still has Australia to come on December 2 and is currently led by France ($27.4M), China ($22M), Russia ($20.8M), Germany ($18.9M) and Spain ($8.8M).


Sony’s sequel continues to be voracious at the international box office with another $38.3M in the session for a 56% drop. The offshore total is $170.6M for $352.4M global. There is still 50% of the overseas landscape to open. Currently, Venom 2 is running on par with No Time To Die and ahead of Shang-Chi by 84%, Black Widow by 67%, and F9 by 10% at the same point in release in like-for-like markets. The IMAX global cume is $14.6M.

The EMEA region added $27.4M in the frame, for a cume of $98M. France debuted as a clear No. 1 choice with $5.2M, as noted above. Germany launched with $4.3M, ahead of recent comps. Other notable launches include: Sweden (No. 1/$910K), Netherlands ($825K) and Austria ($775K). 

Russia, where Venom 2 broke records at open, has now grossed $30.3M to become the No. 8 biggest Hollywood movie ever. Other EMEA cumes include $14.6M in the UK, $6.6M in Spain and $6.1M in Italy.

The symbiote held the No. 1 spot in all six Asia markets in its second frame, pulling in $5.9M for a regional running total of $26.8M. Top markets include Korea ($14.2M cume) and Taiwan ($4.2M)

In Latin America, Venom 2 held the top 1 spot in nine out of 10 markets, grossing $5M as a region and taking that cume to $45.9M. The top plays are Mexico ($19.8M cume) and Brazil ($9M).

Upcoming major market releases are Australia (November 25) and Japan (December 3). There is no China date as yet; the first film excelled there with over $269M at historical rates.


James Bond drove his Aston Martin past the $500M global mark this weekend, now having grossed $525.4M worldwide. He also sped across $400M internationally with $405.6M through Sunday. As noted above, NTTD has become the only Hollywood movie besides Universal’s own F9 to have reached those milestones in 2021. The weekend was good for $33.1M in 72 combined Universal and MGM markets. The IMAX global cume has risen to $34.2M.

The Cary Joji Fukunaga-directed installment continues to excel in Europe and Japan. France has cumed $21.6M to date and Japan is at $18.7M, above Skyfall at the same point. The Netherlands has risen to $16M with a scant 3% drop from last weekend and also now above Skyfall at the same point. Russia saw Bond take No. 1 to cume $10.9M after three sessions and approach the lifetime of Skyfall.

Germany was the top holdover with just a 28% drop and hanging on to No. 1 despite the arrival of Venom. The cume there is now $56M, in line with Spectre and Skyfall at the same point of release.

The UK crossed $100M this session, seeing a 46% dip and grossing $106M through Sunday. Bond’s home market leads all play and is running in line with Spectre and Skyfall.

The Top 5 markets are the UK, Germany, France, Japan and Netherlands. This is before 007 gets to China on Friday. The film currently leads presales for the weekend.


Universal/Blumhouse’s Halloween Kills grossed an additional $10.1M in 53 overseas markets for a 45% drop from last weekend’s opening. The offshore cume is now $17.8M for $90.9M global. Korea, Australia and Japan all roll out this coming weekend, just in time for the holiday.

Germany was the top opener this session at $1.5M from 399 locations. France debuted with $845K as school holidays begin. The UK is leading holdover play with a $4.4M cume through Sunday, followed by Mexico at $2.44M. Mexico, the UK and Germany were the biggest overseas performers on the previous film which did 38% of its business abroad.


Ron's Gone Wrong
Ron’s Gone Wrong Disney
Disney/20th Century Studios/Locksmith’s animated pic continued rollout this weekend, now in 40 material markets. It added $7.3M for an overseas running cume of $10M and a global total of $17.3M so far.

The pic debuted in the Top 5 in many markets, including Brazil (No. 3), Russia (No. 3), Italy (No. 4) and Mexico (No. 5).·       

The UK dropped 37% for a $2.4M cume to date and ahead of upcoming school holidays. Netherlands (+207%) and Denmark (+163%) increased from last weekend. Along with the UK, the Top 5 markets to date are Russia ($1.2M), Netherlands ($600K), France ($500K) and Mexico ($400K).

Next weekend adds Germany, Australia and Korea, notably.


20th Century
The Addams Family 2 (UNI): $4.5M intl weekend (23 markets – Uni only); $23M intl cume/$71.2M global
The Boss Baby: Family Business (UNI): $4.3M intl weekend (58 markets); $71M intl cume/$128.3M global
The Last Duel (DIS): $3M intl weekend (43 markets); $9.2M intl cume/$17.7M global
Paw Patrol: The Movie (PAR): $1.2M intl weekend (51 markets); $86.5M intl cume/$126.6M
*Dear Evan Hansen (UNI): $322K intl weekend (2 markets); $327K intl cume/$15.2M global
*Denotes new

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