‘SNL’: Jason Sudeikis Skewers ‘Ellen’ With Male Spinoff Featuring Joe Rogan Wild Boar Cooking Segment


Ellen got a male-fronted spinoff, Mellen, on Saturday Night Live.

Jason Sudeikis skewered Ellen DeGeneres’ show with his own take on the daytime format with its own “hard masculine edge” in a filmed skit tonight.

Mellen is a “man’s man” and the show provides “in your face entertainment” where he won’t just high-five the audience, he’ll “nut tap them too.” Instead of the cute inspiring kids that Ellen has on, Mellen has on kids that slap their teachers.

The NBC variety comedy got in pops at Joe Rogan, Kyrie Irving, Jake Paul and Conor McGregor.

Rogan is cooking wild boar in a food segment along with “the guy from Ancient Aliens,” while Irving, played by Chris Redd, received the Covid-19 vaccination in a “sneak surprise.” McGregor was able to talk about his feelings with a golf club in his hand before attacking the audience, while Paul, played by Pete Davidson, set up a boxing match with Muhammad Ali, saying that if he wins Ali has to change his name back to Cassius Clay.

Sponsored by male genital issue Peyronie’s disease, the spot also took a pop at Louis CK’s and his hair, while pointing out the popularity of Barstool Sports and 4Chan to a certain generation of men.

The final season of Ellen may be airing now, but don’t expect NBC to pick up Mellen anytime soon.

Check out the skit above.

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