Jason Sudeikis Returns As The “Ghost” Of Joe Biden In ‘Saturday Night Live’ Cold Open

Jason Sudeikis and James Austin Johnson on 'SNL'
NBC via YouTube TV

Jason Sudeikis returned as the Joe Biden of old in the Saturday Night Live cold open tonight, for a skit that played on the current president’s drop in his poll numbers and popularity.

Sudeikis played Biden during the Obama years, but there have been a series of performers who have stepped into the role since. Jim Carrey and Alex Moffat played Biden last season, and new cast member James Austin Johnson debuted as the latest Biden in this season’s opener.

In the skit, the Sudeikis Biden gave a bit of a pep talk to the current, dejected President Joe Biden, played again by Johnson.

“We may be from different eras, but at the end of the day we’re Joe freaking Biden!” Sudeikis’ Biden told Johnson’s Biden.

The brisk opener started in the Oval Office, as Press Secretary Jen Psaki informed Johnson’s Biden, “Your CNN town hall was watched by no one, and your approval rating is in the dumpster.”

“I don’t understand. People used to like me. The press would call me Uncle Joe. I miss the old me,” the president said.

Then the Sudeikis Biden, in aviator glasses and cap, appeared, grinning and pointing in finger guns at his presidential self, playing up his 2013 image as a cooler, goofier and more popular figure.

“Trick or treat, smell my feet. I’m just joking!” the Sudiekis Biden said in greeting the current President Biden.

“Wait a second. Who are you?” the president asked.

“What do you mean who are you? I am you. I am you from eight years ago, man. The ghost of Biden past. Boo!” the Sudeikis Biden said.

“You seem so happy. So carefree. So — what is the word I am looking for?” Johnson’s Biden said.

“Lucid!” the 2013 Biden responded.

“Where I am from, we are still VP. Easiest gig in the world. We’re like America’s wacky neighbor, you know. Just pop in with an ice cream cone, some aviator shades, finger guns. Shake a few hands and rub a few shoulders.”

The new Biden then told him, “Well, you can’t do that any more.”

“Which one? Rubbing shoulders or shaking hands?” the Sudeikis Biden asked.

“Certainly both,” the president told him.

Sudeikis had returned in 2019 to play Biden as he was about to start his presidential campaign, in a SNL skit that riffed on the controversy over Biden’s habits of hugging and touching women.

The Sudeikis Biden then tried to get the president to “loosen up,” before rubbing his the president’s shoulders and smelling his neck. “You like that?” he said. “Look, I hope this doesn’t sound sexist, but you have got to smile more sweetie.”

The president said, “I’m trying to pass this infrastructure bill, and it is being held up by these two senators. Joe Manchin.”

Sudeikis’ Biden responded, “Ah, screw Joe Manchin. The only mansion I care about is the Playboy mansion.” He then clapped in excitement. “That’s classic 2K13 Biden right there baby!”

Then the president continued, “Even worse than him — Senator Kyrsten Sinema.”

“Wait. Senator Sinema. That sounds like a Star Wars character.”

It was then that Moffat appeared as Biden, in what is an implicit dig at the trouble that SNL has had in finding just the right person to play the president.

“Who the hell are you?” Sudeikis’ Biden asked, as three Uncle Joes were on stage.

“Joe Biden,” Moffat’s version said.

“When?” Sudeikis’ Biden asked.

“March, 2021,” Moffat’s Biden said, before exiting.

The skit ended with the Sudeikis Biden trying to counsel the current one. He told him, “You are me. I want you to stand tall. I want you to flash those 100% natural choppers we got. And remember. We may be from different eras. But at the end of the day we are both Joe freakin’ Biden.”

Check out the skit above.

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