L.A.’s Famed MacArthur Park Closed For Renovations With No Street Protests


MacArthur Park, one of the more celebrated public spaces in Los Angeles, has been closed for renovations and most of the homeless encampments have been removed.

The park was immortalized in 1968 by the Jimmy Webb/Richard Harris song of the same name, known for its mysterious line about someone leaving “a cake out in the rain.”

The park is located in the Westlake neighborhood of Los Angeles, just west of downtown. Over the last decade, it deteriorated into a homeless encampment where drugs were frequently sold.

Unlike nearby Echo Park, which was the scene of numerous protests when it was similarly closed for renovations, the denizens of MacArthur Park put up little resistance. Housing and support services were offered to those living there before the closing.

The park will now be shut down to the public for 10 weeks. A chain-link fence has been erected to keep out returnees.

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