Writers Instructed To Take Own Notes, Showrunners To Distribute Scripts In Event Of IATSE Strike

IATSE Picket Signs
Picket signs being readied at an IATSE Local in Burbank Courtesy photo

While there are encouraging signs that an IATSE strike could be avoided with a last-minute deal made before the midnight on Sunday deadline, preparation for a potential work stoppage continues in all areas involving IATSE members, including writers rooms.

Writers’ Assistants — whose low wages were part of the impetus for the #PayUpHollywood movement — as well as Script Coordinators are generally IATSE members, working alongside WGA-affiliated writers and non-union employees. In anticipation of a possible IATSE strike, a group of Writers’ Assistants and Script Coordinators, members of Local 871, today posted detailed guidelines for how their duties should be handled in case of a work stoppage that would affect all shows working under The Basic Agreement. (It excludes series for pay TV networks HBO, Showtime and Starz).

Noone could replace a Writer’s Assistant in taking “room” notes, with writers allowed to individually take their notes but not share them. Showrunner’s Assistants’ responsibility of taking notes during Production/Studio/Network Notes Calls also cannot be reassigned.

Showrunners are supposed to assume all responsibilities of their Script Coordinators, including sending written materials to the Studio/Network/Streamer and any other non-IATSE Production Staff, upload and/or distribute scripts through various online production hubs, prepare a script for production and subsequent revisions. The showrunner and credited writer(s) of an episode will have to proofread all written material, interact with the Legal/Clearance Department as well as Standards and Practices.

The document also outlines consequences from scabbing.

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