A New Tax Filing Shows 2020 Salaries Were Up At The Film Academy

Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences

The Candid service, which monitors nonprofits, just recently posted a Form 990 tax filing from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2020, and the news was good for top Academy officers: Salaries were up across the board.

Based on the filing—but correcting for an error, which Academy officials say has been fixed on a resubmission–Academy chief executive officer Dawn Hudson collected $675,050 in base salary in the fiscal year, up about 7.2 percent from $629,460 in the prior year. Hudson’s ancillary compensation, including retirement benefits—again, accounting for a correction since made by the Academy– was an indicated $269,704, based on the corrected figures, more than double the $115,329 reported a year earlier. That pushed her total reported compensation to $944,754,  up $199,965, or 26.8 percent, from $744,789 a year earlier.

According to the filing, in which an Academy representative did not point to further errors, others among the five most highly compensated executives saw increases in total compensation.

Christine Simmons, the chief operating officer, who was not included in the 2019 reporting period, received a base salary of $404,960 in the 2020 fiscal year, and total compensation of $431,675.

Andrew Horn, the chief financial officer, had a 2020 base salary of $334,779, up 7.4 percent from $311, 730 in 2019, and received total compensation of $508,130, up 26.5 percent from $401,755 in 2019.

Beverly Kite, the chief information officer, received $300,654 in 2020 base compensation, up 7.4 percent from $280,039 a year earlier. Her total compensation in 2020 was $366,936, up about 8 percent from $339, 786.

General counsel and chief administrative officer L. Scott Miller had a base salary of $298,439 in 2020, up 8.1 percent from $275,977 a year earlier, when he was identified as assistant legal counsel and a managing director of administration. His total 2020 compensation was $446,981, up 42.7 percent from $313,137 a year earlier, according to the filing.



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