The Black List Features Lab Sets 2021 Stories, Writers And Mentors

The Black List
The Black List

EXCLUSIVE: The Black List has chosen six screenwriters out of 1,400 submissions for its ninth annual Features Lab. 

Lab participants will workshop their scripts through peer groups, and one-on-one mentorship over the course of six weeks. Participating mentors include Minhal Baig (Hala), Jessica Bendinger (Bring It On), Scott Myers (Go Into the Story, the official blog of the Black List), David Rabinowitz (BlackKklansman), Kiwi Smith (Legally Blonde), and Chris Weitz (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story).

Previous Black List Lab alumni include Baig (Hala writer-director of Hala, 2016 Black List), Tom Dean (Time Travelers La Ronde, 2016 Black List), Noga Pnueli (Meet Cute, 2018 Black List and High Society, 2020 Black List) and Jimmy Keyrouz (Broken Keys, official Selection, 2020 Cannes Film Festival). Two additional Black List Lab projects (The Enclosed by Chris Basler and Empire Waist by Claire Ayoub) are currently in production.

The Feature Lab participants and their projects are:

by Patrick Clement

With a cross country trip less than a week away, two homeless punk rockers come to a crossroads when sexual exploration and street violence test their complicated friendship.

by Ella Gale

A struggling comedian tries to win a local standup competition without losing her best friend after being infected by a demon who eats anyone of whom she’s jealous.

by Manfred Lopez Grem

Two dueling Vogue interns almost cause the complete collapse of Western Civilization when one of them “borrows” the wrong dress from work.

by Gabriella Moses

Dominican teen, Yaneris, plots a way to escape her hometown of Sosua where becoming an escort seems to be her only fate. After unexpectedly falling in love with her boss’s son, she decides he may be her ticket to a new life for her and her disabled sister.

by Shauna Sperry

When the 28-year-old breadwinner of a rural, debt-ridden family makes a deal with a Hollywood producer, she soon learns the cash comes with a catch: saving the reality TV career of the rich biological sister she never knew she had.

by David Turner

Inspired by the events of Nebraska’s 2008 safe haven law that allowed parents to abandon children of any age, a widowed former athlete reaches the breaking point with his troublesome step-daughter and takes her on a road trip to Nebraska with the intent to leave her there.

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