Motion Picture Academy Board Approves Annual Full Membership Meetings Going Forward

Oscar Statuette

At today’s monthly meeting of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ board of governors, the leadership presented a new resolution making yearly AMPAS membership meetings official.

Sources tell me the board enthusiastically approved the resolution Tuesday that will require annual meetings — virtually and/or in person in L.A. County — of the full membership, which now numbers more 10,000 (represented 73 countries over 6 continents according to AMPAS). The meetings will be held in the second quarter of each calendar year (in other words, after the Oscar show). They can be attended virtually or in person as the board may designate, with the stated purpose being to consider “the affairs of the Academy.”

embers may submit written questions in advance (the president and CEO — currently David Rubin and Dawn Hudson, respectively — will select a representative sample to be read), and a recorded version of the presentation will be posted on the member portal afterwards.

The only caveat is that if the board deems the meeting cannot be held “conveniently” in the second quarter, it shall be empowered to call said meeting at any time within 15 months after the last annual meeting.

Many members have been calling for just such a yearly confab, and to my knowledge the only time in recent memory it was actually done (or at least widely publicized) came under former President Hawk Koch’s single-year tenure, when AMPAS held a full membership meeting on May 4, 2013. This new resolution now makes such a get-together official.

The resolution came about in part with the Academy engaging in ongoing strategy more often with general membership during the pandemic the past 18 months. It has now decided to do this on a more regular basis going forward.

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