Directors UK & Writers’ Guild GB Team For Combined Guidelines To Aid Positive Creative Collaboration

Directors UK / WGGB

UK industry bodies Directors UK and the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain have joined forces to launch a series of guidelines promoting positive collaboration between the two fields that they say could improve mental health and reduce bullying and harassment.

The guidelines advise on how writers and directors can work together most effectively, setting up a healthy creative environment. They have been put together using first-hand accounts from both org’s members.

Points covered include what each creator brings to the table, what they need from each other to work well and best practice for collaboration, and what to do if things go wrong.

“This document encourages writers and directors to engage directly with one another in a working relationship based on open communication, understanding of their respective crafts, and mutual respect for their specialist contributions to the process,” the doc reads.

“It also attempts to demystify this vital creative collaboration for financiers, commissioners, producers, script editors and talent, so they can support a more positive way of working,” it adds.

It was compiled by Bill Anderson (Vice-Chair of Directors UK), Emma Reeves (Chair of the TV Committee, WGGB) and Tom Williams (Chair of the Film Committee, WGGB).

According to Directors UK, 87% of people working in film and TV experiencing poor mental health.

You can read the guidelines here.

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