TV Reporter Interviews Man On Street About Local NBA Team, Doesn’t Realize He’s On The Team: “Did You Go To Any…Games?”

Hayley Crombleholme Jordan Clarkson
Hayley Crombleholme and Jordan Clarkson KUTV 2News; AP

KUTV Salt Lake City reporter Hayley Crombleholme didn’t realize she had a scoop.

Crombleholme was sent to the city’s Vivint Arena to get so-called “man-on-the-street” reactions from fans about the local NBA franchise, the Utah Jazz, requiring proof of vaccination from those attending games this coming season.

The reporter found someone who fit the bill: Jazz guard — and former Laker — Jordan Clarkson. But Crombleholme did not realize with whom she was speaking and Clarkson, who averaged a career high 18.4 points per game last season and was voted the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year, played along.

“Did you go to any Jazz games?” asks Crombleholme.

“Yeah, a lot,” answers a straight-faced Clarkson.

And, like any good reporter, Crombleholme got her subject to spell his name for accuracy.

“If I could have you spell your first name and last name,” she asks.

“Um, spell it?” he responded. “Jordan Clarkson. J-O-R-D-A-N C-L-A-R-K-S-O-N.”

It wasn’t until later that . the reporter realized her mistake, but made the most of it tweeting, “Welp, pretty sure @rlikness and I just interviewed @JordanClarksons off the street without realizing it was Jordan Clarkson.”

In her defense, it looks as if Crombleholme has been at CBS’s Salt Lake City affiliate for less than two years, and her Twitter account features mostly hard news. Before KUTV, her bio says she was at the NBC affiliate in Springfield, Massachusetts; at the ABC affiliate in Grand Forks, North Dakota and went to school in Connecticut.

Clarkson, for his part, was amused. When his Jazz teammate Joe Ingles posted about the interview, the current Sixth Man of the Year replied, “just happy i spelled my name right.”

That she did.

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