Rudy Giuliani Not Banned From Fox News, Just Not “Relevant”

Rudy Giuliani
Rudy Giuliani Fox

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani hasn’t been on Fox News Channel for a while, but he is not banned, despite a report asserting otherwise.

A loose cannon for Donald Trump in recent years, the onetime “America’s Mayor” was noticeably absent from Fox’s recent 9/11 remembrance coverage. That fact raised almost as many eyebrows in media circles as the ex-mayor’s hair dye issues.

Fox News had no comment when contacted by Deadline about the report of a Giuliani ban. However, a source familiar with FNC dismissed the assertion.

“The mayor has a long and distinguished career, but in terms of recent coverage, he simply isn’t relevant,” the source said.

Another insider noted that Giuliani was not even booked for 9/11 remembrance coverage as the cable newser decided to focus on the trio of memorials and the families of the fallen.

In point of fact, while Giuliani was in attendance at the New York memorial service, he was not featured on any network on  the day outside of ABC.

A rambling and way off-topic speech by a seemingly exhausted Giuliani later that day at a 9/11 commemoration dinner may offer some further hints why Fox — and almost everyone else — chose not to book the once-respected politician and presidential candidate.

Politico reported this morning that Giuliani and his son Andrew had “been banned from Fox News for almost three months.” It said Donald Trump’s former lawyer “learned of his banishment…on the eve of September 11.” Our sources say that’s not exactly true.

And for the once ubiquitous Giuliani, who loves a good fight, irrelevance might be an even harder pill to swallow than banishment.

Tom Tapp contributed to this report.

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