Covid Infections In Los Angeles Schools Near 9,000 Cases Mark In Just Under a Month

Brittany Murray/The Orange County Register via AP

As the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors considers mandating vaccination for all eligible students who on campuses, Los Angeles Director of Public Health Barbara Ferrer today announced a significant rise in Covid cases at area schools.

Ferrer said that a total of nearly 8,000 (7,784) infections in students had been identified in Los Angeles-area schools since August 15. That’s up from just under 6,000 students announced last week. Among teachers and staff, another 1,250 cases have been identified, bringing the total just shy of 9,000.


Countywide last week she said, “Children under 18 comprised 27% of our [new] cases.”

In terms of downstream impacts, Ferrer said, “Our pediatric hospitalization rates are similar to what we saw during last summer’s surge.”

Asked about the vaccine mandate being considered by the county supervisors Ferrer said, “We do support the actions that are being considered.” She then said her department would be looking at the four-week data and trends soon and make a recommendation on that next week.

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