‘The Seven Faces Of Jane’: Roman Coppola Taps Ken Jeong, Gillian Jacobs, Gia Coppola & Five Others To Helm Shorts Making Up Feature-Length Road Trip Pic

Seven Faces Of Jane Roman Coppola

EXCLUSIVE: Producer Roman Coppola (The French Dispatch) has entered production on The Seven Faces of Jane, an innovative feature weaving together eight different 8- to 12-minute short films, tapping Xan Cassavetes, Ken Jeong, Gia Coppola, Boma Iluma, Ryan Heffington, Julian Acosta, Alex Takacs and Gillian Jacobs to helm its segments.

The film will chronicle a few days in the life of a seemingly average young woman as she uses the precious freedom to go on a road trip filled with discovery and experiences.

Its protagonist is Jane (Jacobs), who finds herself tumbling through a gauntlet of surreal, beautiful and heartbreaking adventures. After dropping off her daughter at a summer camp for the first time, and encouraging her reticent child to engage in new experiences, Jane finds herself heeding her own advice.

Each of the creatives brought onto the project will bring to life one chapter in Jane’s journey. The only through-lines across films will be the character played by Jacobs, and her Mach-E vehicle. Each filmmaker will make their short without awareness of the others’ story and approach.

“It’s been exciting to curate this group of filmmakers who I not only admire, but who all have distinctive voices. This film presents a unique style of cooperative filmmaking with each creator bringing their own adventurous spirit and creativity,” said Coppola. “The directors each have totally different artistic styles and it is fascinating to see how such diverse approaches will come together as an intriguing whole.”

The Seven Faces of Jane is being made under Coppola’s creative supervision. Jason Baum and Sarah Park will also serve as producers on the film.

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