Anti-Vaxxers Storm Broadcaster ITN & Protest Outside Google UK Offices – Update

Police lining up outside ITN AP

UPDATE, 09:00PT: The London ‘anti-vaxx’ protest has moved to Google’s UK offices. Videos are circulating on social media showing protestors, many of whom are the same who entered ITN HQ earlier today, outside the Google building on Pancras Square, with police blocking their entry.

One protestor with a loudspeaker is seeng claiming his group were “being silenced” and that “they” (apparently Google) “were not giving you the right information” in one of the videos. Earlier, the protestors, who are widely being condemned as conspiracy theorists by British media, were complaining about the UK’s Covid vaccination program and the so-called “vaccine passports”, i.e. the system introduced to allow people to demonstrate vaccine status.

PREVIOUSLY, 07:00PT: A group of ‘anti-vaxx’ protestors have broken into the headquarters of ITN, the UK production company that houses ITV News and Channel 4 News.

Videos spread across social media, many filmed by the protagonists themselves, showing the group camped in the lobby of the building. Several depicted Jon Snow, the high-profile news presenter, being harassed and insulted as he tried to make his way into the building.

“It’s a real shame you didn’t speak up for the children you could have,” one protestor could be heard shouting. Another asked Snow if he was a paedophile. Both were ignored by the presenter as he was escorted inside.

Police arrived at the scene and contained the protestors by closing the doors outside of reception; there was some violence witnessed as the officers tried to contain the scene. Staff at ITN were kept in their offices for protection.

Videos were broadcast live by the group of protestors, who according to witnesses numbered more than 100. They showed a man with a loudspeaker who claimed to represent “freedom of choice and freedom of speech”. He added that the media had portrayed their movement as “crazy” and “conspiracy theorists”, and that they would not leave until they were granted a debate about coronavirus and received a weekly update of all the “adverse reactions” to the vaccine. Their actions have been widely condemned on social media.

This is the latest in a series of incidents targeting British media by so-called anti-vax protestors. Earlier this month, a group of anti-vaxxers tried to storm media hub Television Centre.

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