Chris Evans’ A Starting Point Middle East Video Series In The Works With Former CIA Operative And Rep Will Hurd Hosting


As the U.S. enters a new era of foreign policy in the Middle East, A Starting Point, the civic media organization created by Chris Evans, actor/filmmaker Mark Kassen and entrepreneur Joe Kiani, will explore America’s past, present and future in the region during a new six-part series, Influence and Power in the Middle East, guest hosted by former CIA Operative and Texas Congressman Will Hurd.

Drawing on his unique insights and on-the-ground experience, Hurd will lead exclusive conversations with several of the most influential foreign policy makers of the past four administrations including Former UN Ambassador John Bolton, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Former Saudi Arabia Ambassador Joseph Westphal, Former Yemen Ambassador Barbara Bodine and others.

Airing on Aug. 30, the six-part series connects the major national players, history, culture, and influence that shapes America’s strategic relationships and military involvement in the Middle East. The series also highlights the generations of people who have been impacted by decades of war and instability.

Congressman Hurd is currently a managing director at Allen & Company. Prior to representing his home town of San Antonio, Texas in Congress, he was a cybersecurity executive and undercover officer in the CIA. He is growing the US transatlantic partnership with Europe as a trustee of the German Marshall Fund, helping OpenAI build safe artificial general intelligence that benefits humanity as a member of their board of directors, and publishing a book titled “American Reboot: An Idealist Guide to Getting Big Things Done” in February 2022.

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