Chippendales Murder Saga Pic Starring Dev Patel Lands New Regency As Co-Financier

Dancers of the Chippendales perform at the Mehr! theatre at the Grossmarkt in Hamburg, Germany. AP

EXCLUSIVE: We are hearing that New Regency has boarded Craig Gillespie’s Chippendales film project starring Dev Patel as co-financier with Bold Films.

Deadline previously reported on the Permut Productions movie with Bold attached. David Permut, who has been shepherding the project for two decades, will produce with New Regency and Bold Films. David Litvak,, Gary Michael Walters, Michel Litvak and Svetlana Metkina of Bold Films are also producing.

Lauren Blum and Rebecca Angelo are rewriting the script with Craig Williams and Isaac Adamson having penned previous drafts.

The Chippendales movie will follow Steve Banerjee (Patel), who emigrated from India to Playa del Rey to chase the dream of fame and fortune. Bored with pumping gas in the Mobil station he owned, he found an outlet for his entrepreneurial dreams when he acquired the struggling L.A. rock club Destiny II. He transformed it with a new name and theme nights that included female mud wrestling and a “male exotic dance night for ladies only,” with the latter catching on. Banerjee and his partners were presiding over a flesh empire that earned $8 million annually from club receipts, millions of calendars of its main attraction being sold, with a large amount coming from touring companies. Early co-creators included Paul Snider, whose Playboy bunny girlfriend Dorothy Stratten helped come up with the signature cuffs and collars uniforms. Snider later would murder Stratten and kill himself. Lawsuits and disputes between Banerjee followed, leading to a violence-filled descent.

New Regency has a theatrical distribution deal with 20th Century Studios at Disney.

Patel has the A24 fantasy movie The Green Knight hitting theater this weekend which is 89% certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

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